Welcome to Shuswap Highland Stills

Salmon Arm's first farm craft spirits distillery.


Who we are:

Shuswap Highland Stills is a craft distillery in the heart of a fertile fruit-growing community in the Shuswap.


We've found ourselves a long-standing farm with lots of potential and well-seasoned fruit trees; some being over 80 years old!

 We specialize in microbatch fine spirits and liqueurs crafted from our very own farm grown fruit.

Now in our first season of operation, we will be expanding our inventory as we prepare for the warmer months.




If you find yourself at a local farmer's market or liquor store this summer you are likely to find us doing a tasting. 
Feel free to stop by!


Our products

Since our official opening at the beginning of April we have now two fine spirits out.

Gneiss Vodka came out in April, a versatile sipping vodka with a hint of fruit and a clean neutral finish.

Wee Nip of Coffee liquor made its way out at the beginning of May after a long period of testing recipes. It is our ode to all things coffee, and we are quite proud of the results.

See below for full the full write up of each product.


Gneiss Vodka

Gneiss Vodka is the inaugural spirit from Shuswap Highland Stills.

This smooth sipping vodka is made with 100% BC grown apples. 
It is distilled 18 times and charcoal filtered for a smooth mellow finish.

This vodka can be enjoyed neat over ice or can be mixed into sweet or savory cocktails.


Wee Nip
Coffee Spirit

A Wee Nip of Coffee Spirit is our ode to our love of delicious coffee.

The spirit we use is apple based and double distilled.

The second distillation is infused with raw cacao to pick up a velvety chocolate texture.

The coffee beans we use are locally sourced from Shuswap Coffee Co and cold brewed for 24 hours.

The spirit and coffee are then blended with a touch of sugar and vanilla for the perfect camping spirit.


Follow our Socials

We are local to the Salmon Arm Shuswap area and you can find us at the local farmer's market every Saturday throughout the summer.

Our distillery now also has a direct phone line and email for direct orders and inquiries.

We have Facebook and Instagram where we post regular updates.

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